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Suzhou / Shenyang / Chongqing

Terms and conditions for the acquisition of capital goods, production equipment and tools KIRCHHOFF Automotive China - English

Wytyczne dla dostawców

Barcode KA Label Incoming Goods

Invoice requirements and Finance contact list

KA Label Incoming Goods V17

Measuring Guideline Tooling Equipment

Partial Payment Sign Off Sheet

PPSO Step by Step Guideline

Supplier Customs Guideline KIRCHHOFF Europe

Supplier Guideline PPSO

Supplier Shipping Guideline KIRCHHOFF Europe-Asia

Dokument jakości

Quality Assurance Guideline for Suppliers of raw material, bought parts, subcontracting

Wymogi techniczne

Released suppliers - Forming Equipment

Formularz gwarancyjny

Bank guarantee

Express warranty

Profil dostawcy

General suppliers' self profile

Supplier Logistics

Supplier Logistic Manual

Information Security

Information security guidelines for suppliers