• Hasan / Nils Kaya

    “Honest and reliable, that is KIRCHHOFF Automotive – and that is what we are – and have been for generations.”
    Hasan (left) and Nils Kaya (right), father and son, have been working together in the welding department for many years.

  • KA Suzhou Workshop

    Chunyu Tan

    “Standards make the job safer and easier.”
    Chunyu Tan, Welding Setter Supervisor

  • Stefan Jeziorski

    “I like sharing my knowledge.”
    Stefan Jeziorski,for over 15 years he has been leading the apprentices’ training program where he takes care of future generations.

  • Kirchhoff


    “We are a successful team. Precisely because we come from different countries.”

Trust & Respect

  • We trust one another and our business partners. We trust in the honesty of each individual and in the validity and truthfulness of what he or she does, believes or says.
  • We recognize, value, appreciate and respect each individual. We show attention, appreciation, and deference for each and every one and respect him, regardless of his national or ethnic background, sex, religion, age, or handicaps and also independent from private lifestyles. NOTE: A list of protected Human Rights might be different for each country.
  • The diversity of our staff drives innovation and enriches our organization.