Human Rights

As a responsible and sustainable company, KIRCHHOFF Automotive respects the human rights and dignity of people in our operations, our global supply chains, and the communities where we operate. Respect to the internationally recognized human rights, environment-related standards, and fair working conditions are an integral part of our corporate culture. We conduct all our business activities in accordance with the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Code of Conduct and relevant internal policies and procedures. We also have requested our supply chains to uphold responsible and lawful conduct.

Any unfair or illegal practices are contradictory to the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Code of Conduct.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive employees and third parties may report non-compliance or suspected violations of applicable laws and/or the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Code of Conduct that occurred at KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s entities or within our supply chains via dedicated reporting channels.

Policy Statement on Human Rights

Policy Statement on Human Rights

KIRCHHOFF Automotive Human Rights Officer

Roxana Hinzmann, Global Director HR

Phone: + 49 152 5252 7227
E-mail: compliance@kirchhoff-automotive.com