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Code of Conduct

We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and business ethics standards

At KIRCHHOFF Automotive, we are committed to doing responsible and sustainable business in all our home markets and within our supply chain. KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Code of Conduct is based on our Values,  and provides commitment and principles from all KIRCHHOFF Automotive employees to be followed in our everyday behaviors. Everything we do reflects our values, therefore we are always a trusted partner for employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

The KIRCHHOFF Automotive Code of Conduct sets the minimum standard and constitutes the core of the KIRCHHOFF Automotive governance framework. Principles included in our code have been extended by more detailed policies and procedures in business ethics. These documents are applicable across KIRCHHOFF Automotive.

We firmly believe our corporate culture of integrity and transparency, where everyone feels empowered to address compliance concerns openly and discuss them with their superiors and compliance representatives, makes us a strong and value-driven company.

In order to facilitate clear and transparent communication across the globe, we provide the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Code of Conduct in all corporate languages of our home markets.

Third Parties and Our Supplier Code of Conduct

KIRCHHOFF Automotive aims at achieving mutually beneficial supplier relationships built on shared values and behaviors. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers explains the behaviors we expect from our business partners, such as suppliers, vendors, consultants, independent contractors, agents, or any other third party that acts in the interests of or on behalf of KIRCHHOFF Automotive.

We believe working to an agreed Code of Conduct helps improve our sustainability performance through continuous supplier development and consistent supplier and sub-supplier management. We also established third-party due diligence to help better know our business partners throughout our supply chain. 

Prohibition of Corruption

KIRCHHOFF Automotive does not tolerate any forms of corruption and is working toward a corruption-free business environment. Anti-corruption is an important part of the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Code of Conduct and our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. We have also implemented the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Anti-Corruption Policy and dedicated instruction in all corporate languages, providing guidance on specific situations that our employees may encounter. The anti-corruption training is available to all our employees, with a focus on those occupying the most at-risk roles.

The KIRCHHOFF Automotive compliance officer regularly conducts a compliance risk analysis for corruption. Furthermore, the corruption risk is annually reviewed and assessed as part of the KIRCHHOFF Automotive Risk Management System to ensure that the identified risk scenarios and preventive risk controls are relevant to business specifics. The results of the analysis and preventive risk measures are reported to the Compliance Committee, Risk Committee, and the Board of Managing Directors.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive protects and supports all employees who refuse to pay or accept bribes, or engage in corrupt practices.


Our employees and third parties may report suspected incidents of non-compliance with applicable laws, KIRCHHOFF Automotive Values, our Code of Conduct, related policies and/or principles via dedicated reporting channels. Reports may refer to violation committed by employee of KIRCHHOFF Automotive or any other third party within our supply chains.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Suppliers