Social, Environmental & Cultural Responsibility

Social Responsibility
We understand that our actions must be compatible with the interests of society.

We, therefore make voluntary contributions to the sustainable development of society going above and beyond the legal requirements. We are committed to supporting and promoting charitable projects and supporting our employees’ volunteer work where possible.

We create a necessary basis to train and educate all employees, regardless of their age and length of service. We also train them with regard to new developments. We are committed to the principle of lifelong learning.

Environmental Responsibility
It is important to preserve nature and biodiversity for future generations. We protect the environment by using resources consciously and by meeting strict environmental standards in all our production processes.
We train our employees regularly to help them act in an environmentally friendly manner and comply with safety regulations. We encourage our employees to act with intent to avert harm towards people and the environment.

Cultural Responsibility
We are committed to supporting and promoting cultural values. We acknowledge and promote the cultural distinctiveness and traditions of the countries in which we operate in.

We believe that art, music, literature, traditions and beliefs are important factors in our quality of life and therefore eagerly promote them.

  • Kirchhoff


    “We are a successful team. Precisely because we come from different countries.”

  • KA Suzhou Workshop

    Chunyu Tan

    “Standards make the job safer and easier.”
    Chunyu Tan, Welding Setter Supervisor

  • Hasan / Nils Kaya

    “Honest and reliable, that is KIRCHHOFF Automotive – and that is what we are – and have been for generations.”
    Hasan (left) and Nils Kaya (right), father and son, have been working together in the welding department for many years.

  • Stefan Jeziorski

    “I like sharing my knowledge.”
    Stefan Jeziorski,for over 15 years he has been leading the apprentices’ training program where he takes care of future generations.