Our Behaviors

The “KIRCHHOFF Automotive Behaviors” are the road map for our daily cooperation. Following these guidelines will ensure our long term success.

I act with trust and respect

  • I respect each person’s individual personality and cultural diversity
  • I create a trusting atmosphere which fosters creativity and improvements
  • I respect different opinions and perspectives
  • I support my team
  • I do not have prejudice against my team
  • I listen actively and wait for my turn to speak
  • I value everyone’s work

I respect standards

  • I always wear my PPE
  • I respect meeting guidelines
  • I follow internal policies and legal requirements
  • I respect environmental protection regulations
  • I follow the defined escalation process
  • I respect the standards and the expectations of my customers and strive to provide the best service
  • I encourage my team to respect standards

I empower and develop my team

  • I ask my colleagues for their opinions
  • I delegate tasks and responsibilities, because I trust my team to do the right thing
  • I support cooperation within my team as well as with other teams
  • I promote continuous learning
  • I spend more time asking ”why“ than telling ”how to“
  • I motivate my team
  • I provide constructive feedback

I communicate clearly

  • I express myself clearly
  • I communicate openly and respectfully
  • I am eloquent and use appropriate tone
  • I speak in facts and figures
  • I define responsibilities and deadlines
  • I write legibly and understandably
  • I support transparent communication using personal and internal communication tools

I share my knowledge

  • I don‘t keep knowledge to myself
  • I acknowledge that all questions are valid
  • I take the time to explain
  • I make the right information accessible
  • I communicate clearly and regularly
  • I ensure there is proper information flow within the organization
  • I encourage my colleagues to share their knowledge
  • Stefan Jeziorski

    “I like sharing my knowledge.”
    Stefan Jeziorski,for over 15 years he has been leading the apprentices’ training program where he takes care of future generations.

  • Hasan / Nils Kaya

    “Honest and reliable, that is KIRCHHOFF Automotive – and that is what we are – and have been for generations.”
    Hasan (left) and Nils Kaya (right), father and son, have been working together in the welding department for many years.

  • KA Suzhou Workshop

    Chunyu Tan

    “Standards make the job safer and easier.”
    Chunyu Tan, Welding Setter Supervisor

  • Kirchhoff


    “We are a successful team. Precisely because we come from different countries.”

  • Paloma Herrera

    Paloma Herrera

    “Clear and open communication is the key to success.”
    Paloma Herrera, Human Resources Manager, Querétaro

I promote continuous improvement

  • I encourage the development of new ideas
  • I establish a trusting atmosphere which allows mistakes to be used as opportunities for learning
  • I am open to constructive criticism
  • I appreciate every suggestion for improvement
  • I give quick feedback to proposals
  • I support the implementation of improvements
  • I actively promote change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle 

I am a good example

  • I am honest and reliable
  • I always keep commitments
  • I always do what I say
  • I ensure my area of responsibility is well-managed
  • I am aware that my team will reflect my behavior
  • I balance the workload within my team
  • I respect all KIRCHHOFF Automotive behaviors