Development in Spain

Our assembly plant in Figueruelas, located approximately 28 km away from Zaragoza was founded in 2000. Metal components for the automotive industry are produced in our plant using just-in-time (JIT) production methods. The core competencies employed here are mainly MAG and spot welding, bolting, riveting, clinching, and sealing.

As a result of new orders from our customers, some essential changes became necessary in 2014: half a dozen robotic welding cells, the production hall, and storage have now been organised differently and redesigned in order to achieve better efficiency in accordance with our lean principles. Additionally, two robotic welding cells and a nut-mounting unit have been procured. The result is a significantly expanded product portfolio: nine assemblies are planned for the new Opel Mokka, as well as bumper systems, dashboard cross members, wheel housings, reinforcements, and further products for Ford, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz.

Our operational flexibility and quick response to our customers' needs are our trademark. This is how we stand above our competitors and ensure that our Company keeps growing and will continue to exist in the future.