Development in Ireland

Sigro began production of metal structure parts for the automotive industry in Letterkenny, Ireland, in 1981 and just ten years later achieved the status of First Tier Supplier for General Motors. In 1993 the company was taken over by KIRCHHOFF Automotive. KIRCHHOFF Automotive in Ireland achieved considerable growth over the years. The main reason for this was its special technical expertise, developed through training programmes, continuous further training opportunities, and the exchange of knowledge with other KIRCHHOFF Automotive plants. On this basis, KIRCHHOFF Automotive established a strong market presence in the British automotive supplier sector, which is known for strong engineering knowledge, quality, and delivery service.

The competencies of our plant in Ireland range from design, development, new components, and processes all the way up to series production. KIRCHHOFF Automotive in Ireland is able to rely on strong core competencies, built on practical experience and flexibility, and intends to further optimise its supply chain as well as its service for its current UK customers.