Development in Mexico

In 1999, Peter van Schaik opened a new plant in Querétaro, Mexico. This was a strategic decision: the plant in Querétaro is located in close proximity to the General Motors plant in Silao, where it is expected that the luxury version of the Lincoln Avalanche - the Escalade - will be built in the future. One by one, new business opportunities are presenting themselves in Mexico. In 2001 for instance, Van-Rob entered into a global strategic partnership with KIRCHHOFF Mexicana in Puebla. The company was renamed Van-Rob Kirchhoff (VRK) Automotive Systems.

The first Just-In-Time plant opened in Puebla in 2008. As a part of VRK Automotive Systems, this plant produces laser-welded dashboard support reinforcements and backrests. In 2009, the third production location started operation in Hermosillo, Mexico. The plant in Hermosillo was closed in 2020 due to capacity adjustments at local customers.

In 2011, KIRCHHOFF Automotive took over the majority of shares of Van-Rob Inc. The integration into the global company network of KIRCHHOFF Automotive has since been completed with the purchase of the remaining company shares in 2016.

Today, Mexico is an important location for the global automotive industry, particularly for German manufacturers.