Development in Canada

Van-Rob was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 1979 by Peter van Schaik and Rob Simpson. Peter van Schaik emigrated to Canada from the Netherlands more than 50 years earlier. A tool-maker by trade, he initially built up his own tool manufacturing business before establishing his first press shop.

What started out as the humble production of small stampings has grown in the past 44 years into a recognized, full-service supplier to the automotive industry with several locations across North America. Today, the Canadian plants develop and produce large structure assembly units, chassis parts, and crash management systems.

The assignment of the majority of its’ shares to KIRCHHOFF Automotive marked a crucial step in the expansion of Van-Rob's global presence. Today the company boasts two production plants in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as a Corporate Centre in Aurora, Ontario. Since 2016 KIRCHHOFF Automotive has been the sole shareholder.