Alicia about her job

Alicia is a Team Leader in the Production department at our North York facility in Canada. Prior to becoming a Team Leader she worked as a press operator. She is working for our Company since 1995.

A typical day

"A typical day for me at work goes something like this: At the beginning of my shift, I attend our daily five-minute meeting with all members of the Production department. We discuss about current job orders, we address any changes in safety, quality and production as well as seek answers to any questions or concerns. Throughout the day I keep up with inventory levels for parts to ensure I have enough parts on hand to maintain the production line running smoothly. At the end of the day, I complete all labor and shift reports not only for our records but also to help me with the workflow at the beginning of the next work day."

Career within KIRCHHOFF Automotive

"My KIRCHHOFF Automotive work history began as a small press operator. One day, I saw an internal job posting for the position of Team Leader; I applied right away. Not only did I get the job but I was able to take part of a workshop specializing in the inspection and recognition of parts’ quality and status. I feel grateful to my team for their support in those early days, particularly in taking the time to train me in great detail in every production step. This is how I got to where I am now. Once I came to know and understand what the different departments do, I was able to optimize the production process as well as help my coworkers with the insights I have gained."

Why a job at KIRCHHOFF Automotive is like no other

"Every day presents a new challenge! There is no monotonous or ordinary day working at KIRCHHOFF Automotive. I enjoy developing new ideas with my team, which help us to achieve our goals. I am happy to be part of a company that has grown over the years, especially with introduction of new products and technologies, making work at KIRCHHOFF Automotive diverse and varied."

“Direct and open communication, as well as a mutual sense of responsibility, is the key to success for our team.”