New Address: Esztergom Plant in Kirchhoff alley

In memory of Dr. Jochen F. Kirchhoff, MDs in Hungary have been working for some time to change the name of the public area in front of the Esztergom plant from King Matthias road (Mátyás király út) to Kirchhoff Alley (in Hungarian: “fasor”) .

The year 2024 seems to be off to a good start for them, as the local government has officially approved the renaming of the road in front of the Esztergom plant, so from this year onwards KIRCHHOFF Automotive's Hungarian headquarters will be located at Kirchhoff fasor 1.

"There is no doubt that we are immensely proud to rename the road in honor of a man, whom many of us look up to and cherish. The new production hall and the tree-lined street will be inaugurated at the end of May. By that time exactly 92 more trees will have been planted along the street, symbolizing the years of Dr Jochen F. Kirchhoff's life", shared Géza Körtvélyessy and Szilárd Méri, the Managing Directors of the Hungarian plant.

Several departments in the Hungarian team are currently working to ensure that the new address is written everywhere from invoices and communication interfaces to Google Maps.

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