Reached the International Final!

After winning the national award "Quality Innovation 2022", our quality management team from Esztergom, Hungary has reached the finals in the international competition. The project "Digitization of Production Control" is being implemented as a best practice in several of our plants.

In October 2022, the team had received the national award in the category of "Potential Quality Innovations" for the complete digitalization and simpler implementation of the measurement process. As result, they also qualified to participate in the international competition among many large companies with more than 600 employees. The project addresses the digitalization of the control accompanying the production process, which eliminates the need for paper for the measurement process.

Being among the finalists means being among the best in the competition. "We are pleased that our project made it to the finals, and are proud of the team that invested time and energy in this exemplary project – from the initial idea, to its integration into daily processes," says Szilárd Méri, MDO of the Hungarian plant.

The award confirms the good reputation of our company at a national and international level, and shows that we excel not only in manufacturing products but also in innovative solutions. Quality manager Tamás Máthé says: "To participate as a manufacturing company in a competition among companies who mostly specialize in innovations, it fills us with

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