Welcome KATE Teams!

42 colleagues worldwide have enrolled in the talent management program, KATE, and are looking forward to the training and projects during the upcoming years.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s internal talent management program, KATE, helps develop employees who demonstrate outstanding performance and potential. Over the next years, they will participate in many training sessions and individual development projects.

 “I’m very excited to have a mentor and to be a part of this program!” says Victor Tang, senior technology development specialist at Aurora corporate in Canada. He is one of the six colleagues who joined our KATE program in October 2022.

 “I am very interested in expanding my leadership skills and learning more!” commented Stephen Cook, quality specialist in Lansing, USA.

Urszula Balcerek, HR country manager of Poland, thinks, "A company's opportunities for growth and success are closely linked to the development potential of its employees; an increasingly important factor in choosing an employer is the opportunity to develop and improve skills. Companies are therefore implementing development programs such as KATE at our company. The fact that the third round is now starting in Poland is not only testimony to the need for employee development, but also confirmation that talent development is a high priority in our company."

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