Office Management: 100% Digital

Digitization is becoming more and more common in KAPS Administration. With the help of digital platforms, we have introduced a new method for Office Management (OM) in our KAPS tools. This also takes continuous improvement into account.

In administration, we often use spreadsheet programs to document and analyze information. They allow rapid visualization, easy management and documentation of data history.

Now, like in production, a so-called dashboard gives an overview of all relevant key indicators at a glance in the administrative area. The dashboard is used to quickly check which indicators lie outside our goals and where we can improve performance.

„Digital Office Management is an excellent tool that alllows us to perform the OM meetings in a practical and efficient way,” says Procurement Manager Jorge Brandão. “We can now resume our team meetings that were interrupted by the pandemic.”

The OM boards previously used personal meetings, but are now replaced by this new digital format, and meetings are done via BlueJeans software. “I think that also after the pandemic we will continue to use digital Office Management, in conjunction with personal meetings,” says Armindo Jales, Managing Director Adminstration and Finance Manager.

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