PRESS Release Covid-19

Status 18.03.2020: KIRCHHOFF Automotive is scaling back production at most of their worldwide plant locations. As the automotive manufacturer’s plants gradually cease production, KIRCHHOFF Automotive products are no longer accepted.

Larger stocks of finished goods cannot generally be maintained, as KIRCHHOFF Automotive produces relatively large-volume assemblies for bodywork and chassis. Therefore, the production of KIRCHHOFF Automotive is also directly affected. "Of course, our customers' incoming orders are currently in sharp decline, but it is a result of car manufacturers throughout Europe being affected by the shutdown. This means that currently no vehicles can be delivered to customers at all," says J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Management Board of KIRCHHOFF Automotive.

At the moment we are monitoring which areas will be shut down for various plants. At the Iserlohn/Germany plant however, certain production areas will remain in operation where vehicle parts are produced for oversea markets (USA, China, etc.). This is because German manufacturing plants in China are currently ramping up their production again, so the products from Iserlohn are needed there again. "We expect a decline in sales figures in all three major markets of the world this year. However, this will be out of phase. As China is running up again, Europe is just slowing down and North America will follow", Kirchhoff continues.

As of April 1, a large portion of the approximately 1300 employees at the two KIRCHHOFF Automotive plants in Iserlohn and Attendorn/Germany will temporarily go into short-time work. Until then, they will make use of the possibilities of flexible working hours regulated by collective agreements, for example immediate reduction of overtime, remaining vacation, etc. Since Monday, all employees at the German locations have already been working from home.

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