Class Champion and Vice Champion

The biggest success in the history of the PoLe Racing Team took place at the 24h race in Austin, Texas/USA. At the fourth and last race of the 24h continental championship, the Sauerland team secured victory in the A6-Am class and finished third overall.

Once again, Johannes Kirchhoff, Gustav Edelhoff, Ingo Vogler, Elmar Grimm and Max Edelhoff took turns behind the wheel of the Audi R8 LMS Evo.

"After a long season with many beautiful moments, this was now the icing on the cake," said Johannes Kirchhoff. "We are very proud of this success and would like to thank everyone who contributed to it. It was only with this strong team behind us that this success was possible in the first place. It was a sprint race over 24 hours from the very first meter on, it actually only counted best laps!”

The five drivers completed 600 laps on the current American Formula 1 racetrack, which is characterized by countless bumps and corresponds to a distance of 3,309 kilometres. After a rainy free practice, it had been enough in the dry qualifications with a time of 2.08,242 minutes for the seventh starting place. "We consistently designed the set-up of our Audi for the race," said Max Edelhoff. "A 24-hour race is not decided with the grid, only the race counts for us. And this tactic paid off."

The best proof of this was Max Edelhoff, who made up place after place as the starting driver. The 23-year-old also overtook vehicles from the professional class A6-Am. This strong initial phase laid the foundation for his later success. The PoLe-Audi was always in first or second place in the A6-Am class during the entire race, with the exception of pit stops. Which was a merit of all pilots, because Elmar Grimm, Johannes Kirchhoff, Gustav Edelhoff and Ingo Vogler were fast and faultless.

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