17-Times Larger in 15 years

As so often in the history of our company, a customer needed a supplier for welding assemblies and we were able to offer the best setup. An example of that was in 2004 when we built our factory in Esztergom, Hungary, initially for our customer Suzuki. To date, the plant has been expanded upon several times.

This location is certainly one of the prime examples of how the product portfolio and customer diversity can be continuously expanded over the years. The same applies to the technologies used.

In 2004, we started in Esztergom with assemblies for the body-in-white and the production of cross car beams for Suzuki. The stamping parts were initially supplied from Mielec. Soon the customer Suzuki was so convinced of the quality and delivery reliability from the plant, that he placed further orders. In addition to the welding shop in 2005 and 2006, the location also received a press shop in 2007.

Well-known customers such as Daimler, BMW and the VW Group became aware of our high-performance location in Esztergom, so that the welding shop and the pressing plant had to be considerably expanded again to accommodate. In 2011, the site started manufacturing large stamped parts on modern 1,250 t and 1,600 t servo transfer presses. Finally, hot forming and laser cutting were also brought to the site. The integration of these new complex technologies was one of the greatest challenges in the site's history, which could be mastered thanks to the great support of all KIRCHHOFF Automotive locations. We now supply 18 different customers from Esztergom.

We started in 2004 with 1,500 m² and 22 employees. Today we manufacture with approx. 900 employees on a total area of 26,000 m². This means that the area has increased 17-fold and the number of employees has increased almost forty-fold. It makes us proud to look back on the development in the last 15 years at the location.

The graphic shows the various expansions over the years marked in colour.

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