Standing With and For Europe

Why is it worth standing up and voting for Europe on May 26?

Europe is the peace and economic project of the 20th century and this must continue for us and for future generations. A strong European Union (EU) means benefits for Member States and of course, for its trading partners and allies. The European elections on May 26, 2019, are about setting the right course in Europe for fair trade agreements against populism, for investment in research and environmental protection, and for democratic values.

As both a globally active company, and medium-sized company, we need a strong EU. One with uniform laws, customs regulations and controls that can make the most out of the European internal market. Common standards throughout the value chain and greater integration of national financial markets are particularly important. With these types of standards, our companies are prepared in the best way possible to compete internationally.

The individual locations in and outside Europe also benefit from a strong European trading partner and a lively exchange network of goods between Europe and North America, Asia and Australia. This is of enormous importance for the entire KIRCHHOFF Group and thus, jobs can be secured in various regions.

In Europe, we need to work together again instead of constantly working against each other. There are already too many uncertainties in international relations. A Europe that speaks with one voice is therefore important not only for the Member States, but also for a strong European negotiating position amongst its trading partners outside the EU. Maintaining good transatlantic relations with the US, as well as with our partners in Asia and Australia, is essential for our future economic success.

Our social and economic future depends on building a strong European Union – economic strength and prosperity, as well as peace and freedom, speak for it. With that being said, I encourage you to go to the European elections on May 26, 2019, and cast your vote for the future of Europe!

Your Dr. Johannes F. Kirchhoff


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