KIRCHHOFF Automotive at Auto Shanghai

Under the motto ‘WE.MOVE.FUTURE.’, KIRCHHOFF Automotive displayed product innovations for vehicles of the future at the most valuable event in the automotive industry – the Auto Shanghai in China. The fair takes place from April 16 – 25, 2019.

Topics surrounding vehicle safety for electric mobility, in conjunction with lightweight construction technology, are the focus of KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s trade fair appearance at Auto Shanghai. Using a hybrid battery housing (combination of steel and aluminum) as an example, the global acting automotive supplier is demonstrating an innovative lightweight construction concept for the safe housing of high-voltage battery modules in electric vehicles.

The development of this product is based on extensive research and development of crash proof hybrid steel and aluminum structures for vehicles. The main features of the battery housing include the following: a cost effective design, a flat structure, passive safety, thermo-management, electromagnetic compatibility, tightness, and corrosion protection. In addition, the housing design is scalable and can be applied in various vehicle models.

Another exemplary product innovation is a weight optimized front axle carrier in an aluminum shell design. This represents an economic lightweight solution for the series production of assembly components. Advantages to this type of product innovation include, reduced weight and the ability to apply production processes that are suitable for large-scale production, for example deep drawing and inert gas welding.
“At Auto Shanghai we are going to present the latest technologies and product innovations to our existing Chinese and international customers. On the other hand, we also want to inspire new customers with our product portfolio,” says J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, CEO KIRCHHOFF Automotive.

This plan seems to be going accordingly, on the first press day, KIRCHHOFF Automotive welcomed high-ranking visitors, among them; Yuanhong Luo, Group General Manager of Dongfeng Industrial Co. Ltd. Strategy and technical managers accompanied Mr. Luo on the visit and showed great interest in KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s product portfolio and global footprint. Furthermore, advanced engineering managers from Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. who visited during the trade fair, learned about KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s competence in the development of aluminum crash management systems. Prior to the German Automobile Association (VDA) press conference, Bernhard Mattes, President of the VDA, met with the KIRCHHOFF Automotive management team at their booth, (hall 5.2) to discuss developments and industry news.


General information: KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a development partner to the automotive industry for complex metal and hybrid structures in body-in-white, crash management systems, cross car beams and chassis applications. In addition, they are active all over the globe as a full-service supplier.

The family-owned company was established in 1785. Today, it is a part of the KIRCHHOFF Group, which consists of; KIRCHHOFF Automotive, KIRCHHOFF Ecotec, KIRCHHOFF Mobility, and WITTE Tools whom in 2018 generated annual sales of more than $2 billion EUR.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive is the largest business unit in the KIRCHHOFF Group, with over 9,000 employees and 30 production plants in 11 countries. As a global player, they offer complex body components to customers in the continents of Europe, Asia, and North America. All, in a cost-optimal logistics chain. Core production technologies including forming, joining, lightweight design, and surface treatment, ensure uniform manufacturing and meeting of production standards around the world. Products such as crash management systems, front-end frames, and cross members are assembled into complete components at JIT (just-in-time) plants that are located in the immediate vicinity of customers.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive followed its customers in 2006 to China. Today, KIRCHHOFF Automotive operates three production plants there – in Suzhou, Chongqing and Shenyang. Production as well as sales and technical development, are located in China.


Please send inqueries to Andreas Heine, Global Communication & Marketing (phone +49 2371 211-238 or via email: andreas.heine@kirchhoff-automotive.com).


Picture 1: On the first press day KIRCHHOFF Automotive welcomed high ranking visitors, among them Yuanhong Luo, Group General Manager of Dongfeng Industrial Co. Ltd (second from right). He came with his strategy and technical managers and showed great interest in KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s product portfolio and global footprint.

Picture 2: Bernhard Mattes, VDA President, (2nd f. r.) meets J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, CEO KIRCHHOFF Automotive (right), Dr. Thorsten Gaitzsch, CTO KIRCHHOFF Automotive (2nd f. l.) and Andreas Heine, EVP Communication & Marketing, at their booth at the Auto Shanghai in China.

Picture 3: The KIRCHHOFF Automotive booth on Auto Shanghai


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