Bright and beautiful: Support for Children’s Home

Masking tape, paint buckets, brushes, paint rollers and all sorts of cleaning supplies for afterwards: Our Polish colleagues arrived well equipped at the Children’s Home No. 3 in Gliwice. This time, committed to selflessly helping the needy, the Production Department repainted the walls.

Both the social rooms and the bedrooms were in need of serious refreshment. However, with the optimistic and enthusiastic team at site all the renovation and cleaning work was carried out smoothly and efficiently during only one weekend.

Painting the walls required effort and dedication from everyone. However, when they finished their work, despite physical fatigue, everyone felt inner joy and satisfaction. “We are a strong team”, our colleagues gave each other a high five. Thanks to this work, the youths and carers will now live and work in better conditions and a more comfortable environment.

The ability to see and respond to the needs of others is very valuable. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this initiative. Let us keep it this way because: Volunteering sparks joy!

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