Meeting of the Consuls

On October 19th, the Hungarian General Consul Balázs Szabolcs Szegner visited our plant in Iserlohn, Germany. At the meeting he exchanged views with Arndt G. Kirchhoff, who was appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in July.

General Consul Szegner, who has been acquainted with Arndt G. Kirchhoff for many years, has recently been appointed doyen of the consular corps North Rhine-Westphalia. A doyen is a spokesperson; in this event he visited us as a company and the Honorary Consul of Poland.

The topic of the discussion between Balázs Szabolcs Szegner and Arndt G. Kirchhoff was the German-Hungarian relationships, Europe, and the world. A plant tour at the Iserlohn site was also part of the agenda.

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