“Highly motivated and committed“

“So far, integration has been successful,“ says Artur Rath, Plant Manager in Attendorn, regarding nine Syrian colleagues. Some of them were previously working at a Project Management company, but are currently employed at our plant in Saarwellingen, Germany.

The refugees’ share of the total workforce is high; the plant only employs 42 people – though, there is no potential for conflict. “Our Syrian colleagues are very polite and cooperative, always friendly to other employees, highly motivated and committed,” Artur shares. They are employed as Production Assistants, and their tasks include inserting parts and controlling weld seams.

An Arabic-speaking colleague – and part of the permanent staff at the plant – has been supporting the refugees to improve their language skills. He provides them with useful information about occupational safety and work instructions for the machines.

Over the past three years, our Company has been committed to helping refugees through various projects and initiatives. In the future, we would like to contribute to their integration in the labor market.

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