It’s time to rebuild

After the fire that broke out in the outdoor container area of the plant in Manchester, all employees have finally returned to work and the plant is ready to rebuild.

None of the 116 employees present during the time of the fire were injured, “we evacuated everyone safely in under 6 minutes” shared Theresa Balentine – HR Manager at the Manchester plant. Fortunately, the damage was less than we expected; the plant has been cleared of all fire and smoke residue and the siding and roof have been temporarily replaced until the work on a previously determined plant expansion can continue. With employees now back to work safely, the plant’s focus is now on minimizing the impact to their customers. “Since we have completely stabilized the situation, we will start to rebuild the plant. This will not be a quick fix, our goal is to rebuild the plant to be a better one – this will also include building a new press shop with new presses. KIRCHHOFF Automotive will secure current jobs in Manchester and is fully committed to growth in the future.” shared Stefan Leitzgen, Global COO. Erika Montiel, Plant Manager would also like to thank the Fire Marshall’s Office, the Mayor’s Office, the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office and all our employees at Manchester and other plants for their support in this time.

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