The Children of Today will be the Adults of Tomorrow

Recently, our facilities in Queretaro, Hermosillo and Puebla celebrated Children’s Day by organizing simultaneous events that were educational, fun and inclusive for our colleagues’ children in Mexico.

In Queretaro, 160 children ranging from 3 to 12 years old were welcomed to the plant with a speech by Wolfgang Scholkowski. This was followed by an experiential Safety Talk by staff, giving the kids an idea as to what the core business of KIRCHHOFF Automotive is, and how their parents take care of themselves by following safety rules and using safety equipment. The event included lunch, clowns, and interactive contests. Most exciting, however, was a tour of the plant on board an electric train; the children got a firsthand look at the presses, tool room, warehouse, welding area, and welding robots. The day came to an end with a drawing contest, categorized by age, in which each child drew images of how their parents practice safety in the workplace – these drawings have since been posted in entrance hall of the plant.

In Hermosillo, the children spent the day amongst piñatas(made of paper maché and colorful tissue paper, that is full of candy. The goal is to break the piñata so the candy falls out), bouncy castles, games and delicious food. Drawing contests were also organized in both Hermosillo and Puebla; the theme of the drawings, however, was the “Preservation of the Environment” as these facilities traditionally celebrate Children’s Day and Earth Day together. The kids participated with great enthusiasm, and even greater creativity. Prizes for the excited winners in Puebla included tablets, bikes, and games.

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