Fire at the Plant in Manchester – No injuries

MANCHESTER, TN – A fire broke out at the KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s plant in Manchester, Tennessee Wednesday, June 6th, around 5:30 pm local time. The fire, now contained broke out in the outdoor container storage area, spreading into the back – right side of the production area.

The plant was evacuated in under 6 minutes with no injuries or casualties. Initial reports indicate fire, heat and water damage to the building and equipment, however any further evaluation of the overall damage is at this time unknown.


A walk through assessment by the Fire Marshall’s office is scheduled to take place Thrusday morning to further address the damages. Clearing work will begin shortly following.


KIRCHHOFF Automotive is committed to sharing further information as it becomes available.


KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a development partner to the automotive industry. The company is active all over the world as a full-service supplier for complex metal and hybrid structures in body-in-white, crash management systems, chassis applications and cross car beams. The Manchester plant was established in 1997 and with two plant expansions since 2014, it’s production area equals just over 11,150 sqms. With 311 employees over different shifts, the plant specializes in different cross members and metal structural parts.

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