KANA Procurement team recognizes top Suppliers

On May 10th 2018, our top performing suppliers in four separate categories were presented with the ‘Supplier of the Year Award’ for the first time in the history of KIRCHHOFF Automotive North America. The award ceremony was hosted by the KANA Procurement team in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

“It is a moment of great honor and pride for the KANA Procurement team to recognize the contribution of our suppliers who are our partners in business and aid in our success,” said VP of Procurement in KANA, Sumit Dutta. He further shared that the suppliers were selected not only based on their pricing, quality and delivery, but also for their contribution in meeting the Procurement Objectives to fulfill stakeholder expectations: new business acquisition support, new program launch support and operational support to our plants.

Riverview Steel owner Michael Annobile expressed his enthusiasm for receiving the award in the Raw Material category.


Presenting the award for Tooling, Rich Ross commended Pyper Tool for supplying high quality stamping dies and their relentless pursuit towards achieving 1.67 Cpk in their tools (Editor’s note: this figure marks excellent process capability with less than 0.5 PPM; i. e. out of one million parts less than 0.5 are defective). Long Nguyen applauded the contribution of N.E.S – recipient of the Bought in Parts category – for supporting our plants 24/7 and preventing line stoppages related to their parts, regardless of who was at fault.

Joel Altman, while presenting the award in Transportation, stated that personnel at Dedicated Transport continue to be our transportation backbone. Servicing our plants around the clock –  to the extent of personally flying with a box of parts to prevent line shut downs – clearly demonstrates the difference between ‘customer satisfaction’ & ‘customer delight.’

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