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  • Provides leadership over the Shipping and Receiving areas including personnel and processes, and records.
  • Supports Team Leader(s), ensuring daily shipments are met and manpower levels are appropriate.
  • Maintains warehouse inventories including accuracy and organization.
  • Plan and direct periodic physical inventories for entire Waverly facility.
  • Guides, trains and directs Team Leader(s).
  • Leads the problem-solving process (e.g., CI).
  • Ensures all departmental employees have been given the necessary tools to perform duties, i.e. personal protective equipment, small tools etc.
  • Conducts reviews for all direct reports.
  • Distributes all work in a fair and equitable manner.   Evenly allocates overtime and manages all vacation requests taking into consideration customer requirements.
  • Oversees the timely deliveries and pick-ups of parts/components at outside processors.
  • Tracks and audits outside processor inventories.
  • Ensures all shipping and receiving records are maintained, including files for incoming and outgoing materials and products.
  • Sources trucking companies and sets up shipments as necessary that help reduce cost while still meeting customer demand.
  • Approves trucking invoices for all trucking companies used by Waverly.
  • Provides training to new/existing employees within department.
  • Oversees and assists in maintaining of storage, shipping and receiving areas ensuring they are kept clean, safe and tidy.
  • Cooperates with the Safety Committee and adheres to all plant safety rules and regulations.
  • Maintains positive employee relations and addresses issues in timely manner.  Seeks advice/counsel from appropriate sources as required.
  • Any other reasonable request made by management.
  • Contributes to a safe, clean and comfortable work environment that complements the Occupational Health and Safety Act by ensuring the principles of the 5S discipline (simplify, separate, sanitize, standardize and support) are supported and adhered to.
  • Ensures he/she is in full compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, while representing Waverly or during the use of any Waverly provided equipment.


Work Experience (provide details and minimum # of years required)
•    Minimum five (5) years shipping experience with an automotive environment preferred
Skills (language, technical, computer etc.)
Skills – What skills are required to perform the work?
•    Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
•    Demonstrated supervisory/leadership/interpersonal skills
•    Good planning and organizational skills to accomplish daily activities
•    Computer skills, i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, Email
•    Ability to negotiate and persuade suppliers/customers.

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