Production - Material Handler - OP C
at our site in North York

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· Provide required material(s) to operators in an efficient manner and remove any scrap material(s) from production floor ensuring that the Occupational Health & Safety Act guidelines are followed · Ensures forklift/crane is maintained in a safe working condition as per specified instructions. · Performs and records daily safety checks. · Ensures scrap and parts bins are available at each work station. · Notifies Area/Team Leader of any potentially dangerous conditions. · Operates forklift/crane according to safety procedures. · Coil handling responsibilities. · Pre-stages material in de-coiler cradles and loads de-coilers for presses. · Performs daily inventory checks and notifies Team Leader of potential shortages of material and/or containers/returnables in advance. · Keeps storage, shipping and receiving areas clean and safe. · Ensures that inventories are stored in their designated locations. · Ensures that information on tags is correct. · Adheres to all safety rules and policies as per the Occupational Health & Safety Act. · Perform daily cycle counts and follow correct cycle count procedures. · Any other reasonable request made by management. · Contributes to a safe, clean and comfortable work environment that complements the Occupational Health and Safety Act by ensuring the principles of the 5S discipline (simplify, separate, sanitize, standardize and support) are supported and adhered to. · Ensures he/she is in full compliance with the laws of Ontario and/or any other province or state, while representing KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob or during the use of any KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob provided equipment. · Judgement – exercises judgement re: · Ability to judge forklift / crane carrying capacity · Prioritizing material to be moved from the various processes throughout production floor. · Able to count parts and to identify correct part numbers. · Accountability – is accountable in areas of: · Ensuring forklift / crane is safe to operate · Accountable for the safety of employees while operating forklift / crane · Ensuring material does not get damaged when it is moved from one location to another · Contacts – establishes/maintains relationships: · All plant employees including Shippers/Receivers

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