From a single part to the body-in-white structure

Ever since cars have existed, we have been developing, producing, and supplying metal parts—and, for the vehicles of today, hybrid structures—for the automotive industry. From a manufacturer of individual parts, we have grown into an internationally recognized development supplier of components and body-in-white structures.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive provides vehicles worldwide with extra stability and safety.
But we also offer our customers much more than that: we make a considerable contribution to the growth of their competitiveness.

The crucial cost and logistical advantages of our streamlined, medium-sized company structure with international presence serves a single purpose: to drive the market success of our customers and safeguard our innovative strength and earning power. This is our pledge worldwide.


We are becoming more sustainable: Cooperation with Hyundai Steel

KIRCHHOFF Automotive has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hyundai Steel Company to supply low-carbon steel products.

"The agreement with Hyundai Steel gives us an additional opportunity to source green steel from as early as 2025. The CO2 reduction will be achieved through a mixing process of EAF and BOF material (Electric Arc Furnace/Blast Oxigene Furnace), which will then reduce the CO2 footprint for the delivered product by around 20% compared to the steel currently supplied from the blast furnace route. In the final expansion stage, the blast furnace process will also be replaced by steel from the electric arc furnace route in order to achieve CO2 neutrality," explains Uwe Hadwich, Global Director Procurement.

The Korean company Hyundai Steel Company supplies us with steel in the form of cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized coils and is a leader in the field of materials for the automotive industry. Through continuous investment, research and development, Hyundai aims to decarbonize the steel manufacturing process and expand the production range of low-carbon steels.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive and Hyundai aim to explore and develop opportunities to manufacture and supply low carbon steel products for the European market. To this end, KIRCHHOFF Automotive will test the low-carbon cold-rolled or hot-dip galvanized coils. These will be produced in a complex process that combines the blast furnace process and the electric arc furnace process.

“We plan to conduct actual parts testing with KIRCHHOFF Automotive and plan to proactively establish a low-carbon automobile steel plate sales network by collaborating with European automakers”, says an insider from Hyundai Steel.

With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, KIRCHHOFF Automotive is taking a further step towards more sustainable mobility. Further cooperation in this context already exist with the suppliers ArcelorMittal, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, SSAB and H2Green Steel. The company also ranks among the top 5% in the "Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles" sector and was awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis, the world's most reliable provider of sustainability ratings for companies.

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