Mutual respect is the foundation of a free society.

As a family-managed company, visions and values are extremely important to us. For generations, the existing collective values have laid the foundation for trustful cooperation, and successful business. First and foremost, we have a responsibility to our employees, but also to the society in which we engage in as entrepreneurs. 

Our jointly developed Vision & Values Book, now released, gives us guidelines for respectful interactions.

Our Vision

In order for KIRCHHOFF Automotive to be successful, it is essential that all employees have a common understanding of our company’s goal. A shared vision generates a feeling of unity and gives us direction in our aspirations. It defines our ambition to always be among the best in everything that we do. Every single one of us contributes to making our vision become a reality.

  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a global leader in designing and supplying best-in-class-structures for body and chassis of vehicles. We make mobility safe.
  • The corporation creates sustainable and profitable growth while committing to be financially independent and family owned.
  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive is performance oriented and stands for the highest level of customer service.
  • The company develops its employees and actively supports their health and satisfaction.

Our Values

At KIRCHHOFF Automotive, we are proud of the values we live by and the ethical business practices that we have established: honesty and reliability, trust and respect, social, environmental, and cultural responsibility. These are the KIRCHHOFF Automotive core principles.

The KIRCHHOFF Automotive values are deeply rooted in our company culture. They define what is important in our daily interactions and we consider them as the basis for our business success.

Our values give us a clear direction, form the basis of our daily actions, and create a sense of commitment towards our colleagues, employees, and supervisors, as well as our customers, suppliers, and partners.

The KIRCHHOFF Automotive values reaffirm our responsibility towards the sustainable development of our society, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity for future generations. They are the bonds that unites all KIRCHHOFF Automotive employees as a strong team.

  • KA Suzhou Workshop

    Chunyu Tan

    “Standards make the job safer and easier.”
    Chunyu Tan, Welding Setter Supervisor

  • Kirchhoff


    “We are a successful team. Precisely because we come from different countries.”

  • Stefan Jeziorski

    “I like sharing my knowledge.
    Stefan Jeziorski, for over 15 years he has been leading the apprentices’ training program where he takes care of future generations.

  • Hasan / Nils Kaya

    “Honest and reliable, that is KIRCHHOFF Automotive – and that is what we are – and have been for generations.”
    Hasan (left) and Nils Kaya (right), father and son, have been working together in the welding department for many years.

Vision & Values