Our Values

Honesty and reliability, trust and respect, social, environmental and cultural responsibility. These are the KIRCHHOFF Automotive values.

Regardless of who we are or what our role in the KIRCHHOFF team is, this small ”Vision & Values book“ is the binding foundation for our day-to-day business.

What do values mean to our society? 
Values are what hold our society together. They have a direct impact on our daily interactions and create a framework that provides a sense of direction and certainty in an increasingly complex global environment.

Why do we as a company place values at the heart of our day-to-day business?
The KIRCHHOFF Automotive values are deeply rooted in our company culture. They define what is important in terms of our daily interactions and what sets us apart from others. We consider them as the basis for our business success.

The KIRCHHOFF Automotive values provide clarity and create a sense of commitment towards our colleagues, employees and supervisors, as well as with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Our values set a foundation for employee appreciation.  Not only is it important to respect individual uniqueness but also to respect and understand cultural differences. These cultural differences add value to the company and serve as a source of innovation and continuous improvement.

Our values reaffirm our responsibility towards the sustainable development of our society, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity for future generations. They are the bonds that unite all KIRCHHOFF Automotive employees as a strong team.

Vision & Values


  • Chunyu Tan

    “Standards make the job safer and easier.”
    Chunyu Tan, Welding Setter Supervisor

  • Mitarbeiter

    “We are a successful team. Precisely because we come from different countries.”

  • Stefan Jeziorski

    “I like sharing my knowledge.
    Stefan Jeziorski, for over 15 years he has been leading the apprentices’ training program where he takes care of future generations.

  • Hasan / Nils Kaya

    “Honest and reliable, that is KIRCHHOFF Automotive – and that is what we are – and have been for generations.”
    Hasan (left) and Nils Kaya (right), father and son, have been working together in the welding department for many years.

  • Paloma Herrera

    “Clear and open communication is the key to success.”
    Paloma Herrera, Human Resources Manager, Querétaro