Compliance rules


The employees of the KIRCHHOFF Group commit to always act in coherence with the actual national and international guidelines and conventions dealing with ethical aspects and social responsibility.

We commit to integrity in business connections

Integrity means that employees of our company don’t try to infl uence their business partnersor get infl uenced in an illegal way. We do not tolerate any corruption or commercial bribery.We are not doing business if this business means to break any laws or corporate rules.The acceptance or permission of benefi ts always has to be in harmony with laws and our internalrules. Every contribution is a benefi t, even though it occurs indirectly.

Fairness in competition is always the basis of our actions

Violation of the antitrust law can cause enormous damage to the corporation. We do not tolerate price arrangements, price commitments, market allocations or any forms of unfair restraints of competition.

We arrange fair working conditions and commit to interact respectfully with each other

Nobody may be benefi tted, disadvantaged, excluded or preferred because of his or her race,ethnic background, gender, religion or ideology, handicap, age or sexual identity. We make apositive contribution to improve business standards dealing with integrity, transparency andresponsibility in every fi eld of activity.

We separate between corporate and business interests and thus avoid conflicts

Business decisions and actions have to follow the corporation’s best interests and may not be influenced by personal interests and relationships. An independent and substantiated decision in the company’s interests must not be infl uenced by relationships to current or prospective suppliers, customers, contractors, competitors, authorities or other employees.

Environmental protection, operational safety and health protection are fundamental core values our company feels obliged to

Our employees’ health is a valuable asset. The adherence to the relevant safety rules is self evident for us. The efficient usage of all resources and the introduction of all necessary measurements to environmental protection is an important contribution for us to a sustainable development.

We protect the mental property of our corporation and respect third parties’ trademark rights

Confi dential information and business secrets are protected against the access of third parties. This is also valid for information entrusted by customers and suppliers.

Our company’s file management is correct and our financial reporting is clear and transparent

The essential business processes are documented in a proper way and the relevant fi nancial report information about business actions are correctly and completely detected.

Compliance Rules