Our Vision

In order for KIRCHHOFF Automotive to be successful, it is essential that all employees have a common understanding of our company’s goal. A shared vision generates a feeling of unity and gives us direction in our aspirations. It defines our ambition to always be among the best in everything that we do. Every single one of us contributes to making our vision become a reality.


  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a global leader in designing and supplying best-in-class-structures for body and chassis of vehicles.
  • The corporation creates sustainable and profitable growth while committing to be financially independent and family owned.
  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive is performance oriented and stands for the highest level of customer service.
  • The company develops its employees and actively supports their health and satisfaction.

Mutual respect is the foundation of a free society.

Mutual respect is the foundation of a free society. As a family-managed company, visions and values are extremely important to us. For generations, the existing collective values have laid the foundation for trustful cooperation, and successful business. First and foremost, we have a responsibility to our employees, but also to the society in which we engage in as entrepreneurs.  As an example, our staff were receiving social benefits long before it was regulated legally in the 19th century. Today, as a global player with over 30 locations on three continents, we stand firm knowing that our competitive advantage is dependent mostly on our committed and well-trained employees; whereas technology can be readily accessible.  
But our values go further, they provide guidance and support for all of us. They describe how we want to live and work with each other. Our jointly developed Vision & Values Book, now released, gives us guidelines for respectful interactions.

As a priority, we are committed to human rights, freedom of opinion, and tolerance. Every person is unique. Praise and appreciation for our employees give them a sense of strength, achievement and self-confidence. Together, let us approach every kind of discrimination, racism, and prejudice within our company as well as within the society we live in. In interactions with others, let us always remain confident in who we are so that we can remain credible, approachable and reliable. Let us never forget to remain accountable to ourselves by recognizing our own faults before indicating faults of others. Let us learn to better understand the reactions of others towards our conduct – it is always helpful to view things from a different perspective.  

Mutual respect is the foundation of a free society.