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Un spectacol cu adevărat impresionant

Pe 2 august, KIRCHHOFF Automotive din America de Nord a făcut un pas uriaș înainte cu un alt Tech Show de la unitatea de cercetare și dezvoltare Honda din Raymond, Ohio, SUA.Mai multe informaţii

O epocă ia sfârșit

Gerhard Hosenfeld a lucrat 50 de ani la KIRCHHOFF Automotive în Iserlohn. În calitate de formator, mașinistul a format o serie întreagă de angajați în domeniul tehnic în uzina noastră. Acum iese la pensie.Mai multe informaţii

Arndt G. Kirchhoff, consul onorific al Republicii Polone

Sâmbăta trecută Arndt G. Kirchhoff a fost numit consul onorific al Republicii Polone. La inaugurarea festivă au participat, printre alții, Ambasadorul Poloniei, Prof. Dr. Andrzej Przylebski, precum și prim ministrul regiunii Renania de...Mai multe informaţii

Carcasa bateriei este atracția principală la festivalul de tehnică

Vizitatorii Festivalului de Tehnică și Știință de la Mielec/Polonia din data de 8 iunie 2018 au arătat un interes deosebit pentru produsele și procesele noastre.Mai multe informaţii

Este timpul să reconstruim

După incendiul care a izbucnit în zona exterioară de containere a fabricii de la Manchester, toți angajații s-au întors la muncă și fabrica este pregătită pentru reconstrucție.Mai multe informaţii

Copiii de astăzi vor fi adulții de mâine

Recent, facilitățile noastre de la Queretaro, Hermosillo și Puebla au sărbătorit Ziua Copilului prin organizarea unor evenimente simultane care au fost educaționale, distractive și inclusive pentru colegii noștri din Mexic.Mai multe informaţii

Employees are back to work

MANCHESTER, TN – After the fire that took place on Wednesday, June 6th in the evening, the 1st shift employees are already back to work at KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s plant in Manchester. Mai multe informaţii

Fire at the Plant in Manchester – No injuries

MANCHESTER, TN – A fire broke out at the KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s plant in Manchester, Tennessee Wednesday, June 6th, around 5:30 pm local time. The fire, now contained broke out in the outdoor container storage area, spreading into the back – right...Mai multe informaţii

Sunteți invitați – Festivalul de Tehnică și Știință

Este deja o tradiție ca KIRCHHOFF Automotive Polonia să participe la Festivalul de Tehnică și Știință din districtul Mielec/Polonia. Pe 8 iunie începe expoziția și fabrica noastră de la Mielec participă cu un stand.Mai multe informaţii

What's after school?

The job fair in Olpe offers orientation in the search for an answer to this question. KIRCHHOFF Automotive is also back to advise interested parties and answer their questions.Mai multe informaţii

Echipa noastră din China acordă premii furnizorilor de top

Pentru performanța lor excelentă din 2017, furnizorul nostru de ștanțe Chongqing Huyu și furnizorul de materii prime Lilai Steel au primit premiul Furnizorul Anului 2018 în China. Ceremonia de decernare a premiilor a avut loc pe 15 mai 2018 la...Mai multe informaţii

Spontaneous enthusiasm

"When WITTE Tools decided to make the company premises available for a special stage in the classic car rally Hagen Klassik, I was immediately impressed," says Christian Piccari, Area Sales Manager at WITTE Tools. He attended the event on May 19th.Mai multe informaţii

Echipa de achiziții KANA premiază furnizorii de top

La data de 10 mai 2018, furnizorii noștri cei mai performanți din patru categorii separați au primit „Premiul de Furnizorul Anului” pentru prima dată în istoria KIRCHHOFF Automotive America de Nord. Ceremonia de premiere a fost găzduită de echipa de...Mai multe informaţii

IFAT 2018 – Suntem acolo!

La expoziția comercială cea mai importantă IFAT (14 – 18 mai 2018) companiile Ecotec (FAUN și ZOELLER) vor prezenta ultimele tendințe cu privire la vehiculele de colectare a deșeurilor, vehiculele de măturare și ridicare. Temele includ emisii zero,...Mai multe informaţii

Debutul unor tehnologii noi la FCA

Săptămâna trecută, KIRCHHOFF Automotive a organizat o Expoziție Tehnologică la Chrysler Technology Centre din Auburn Hills, Michigan. Generând mult trafic și discuții valoroase, expoziția a fost un succes deosebit.Mai multe informaţii

O pagină de internet pentru atelierul de presaj

Atelierul de presaj constituie o parte integrantă a activităţii desfăşurate de KIRCHHOFF Automotive. De peste 40 de ani, acesta dezvoltă soluţii complete pentru matrițe destinate presării la rece şi la cald. Acum atelierul de presaj are o pagina de...Mai multe informaţii

Tracking the Future

Andreas Dannheisig knows where good ideas come from. He works as a technology scout and is always on the lookout for opportunities to innovate. In this way, purchasing becomes a driver of innovation.Mai multe informaţii

Extremely satisfied!

The WITTE Tools team shared a positive summary of this year’s appearance at the International Hardware Fair that took place in Cologne, Germany from March 4th to 7th.Mai multe informaţii

K>MOBIL goes digital

Did you know that K>MOBIL is also available as an app? It can conveniently be found on the App Store or in the Google Play Store by searching for "kmobil".Mai multe informaţii

A new office makes for more time

In March a new KIRCHHOFF Automotive office is expected to open in Dongguan, China to make tool purchasing more efficient.Mai multe informaţii

NAIAS begins with our First Customer Engagement Event

Earlier this week, on Wednesday January 17th, the sales and engineering teams in Troy, Michigan, held their first Customer Engagement Event.Mai multe informaţii

Sharing gives more happiness than receiving!

In December, a Poland-wide grand finale of the charity campaign called Szlachetna Paczka (The Noble Box Project) took place. It is one of the most recognized charitable projects in Poland. Volunteers identify families who are in need and cooperate...Mai multe informaţii

K>MOBIL goes digital –

You can now download the K>MOBIL app in the App Store and the Google Play Store. You will also find all contents of K>MOBIL online at a glance.Mai multe informaţii

Prepare for growth

The KIRCHHOFF Group is going to continue its course of growth. For the two biggest business areas, KIRCHHOFF Automotive and KIRCHHOFF Ecotec, sustainable investments in the latest systems and new plants are planned for the upcoming year.Mai multe informaţii

Class win and vice champion title for PoLe Racing Team

The first 24-hour race in Austin, Texas (USA) ended with the best seasonal results of the PoLe Racing Team: Class win and vice champion of the intercontinental ranking, intercontinental Rookie champion and on top the fourth place in the overall...Mai multe informaţii

Language is the key

In September, a new project began at our location in Attendorn. It is meant to assist refugees in Germany to integrate into society: literacy classes for women who have fled, coupled with simultaneous childcare.Mai multe informaţii

1st Annual Service Awards Ceremony in Canada

October 27th, marked the 1st Annual Service Awards Ceremony in Canada. The event designated to celebrate Canada’s longest serving employees brought forth an evening of great memories.Mai multe informaţii

GM order brings plant expansions in North America

On October 12th 2017, a ceremony was held to mark the official opening of the plant expansion in Querétaro, Mexico. In attendance were Mr. Miguel Angel Ramirez, principal at General Motors, and our CEO Mr. Wolfgang Kirchhoff. Mai multe informaţii

Cancelarul Angela Merkel vizitează standul KIRCHHOFF Automotive de la IAA

„Ce procent din cifra dvs. de afaceri reprezintă acest produs?“ În timpul vizitei sale la standul KIRCHHOFF Automotive IAA, Cancelarul Angela Merkel a fost foarte interesată în carcasa pentru baterii pe care furnizorul auto de dimensiuni medii din...Mai multe informaţii

Innovations for the vehicles of the future

Under the motto “innovations for the vehicles of the future,“ KIRCHHOFF Automotive is present at this year’s IAA. The focus of this year’s trade fair appearance pertains to lightweight design and car body structural parts that have been developed...Mai multe informaţii

Battery Housing for electric vehicles

At the IAA, KIRCHHOFF Automotive will showcase a hybrid battery housing for electric vehicles. Not only is it safe, but it is also applicable for various vehicle models.Mai multe informaţii

Big interest in our aluminum products

On July 17th, we exhibited several aluminum products such as the cross car beams for the Cadillac ATS and the Audi Q5 at the GAC Tech Show. Visitors at our booth expressed immense interest.Mai multe informaţii

An instructive time comes to an end

In Attendorn and Iserlohn, eleven apprentices have passed their final exams. Five of them are going to undertake new tasks in our Company.Mai multe informaţii

“This will be an amazing experience“

—says the Member of Parliament Petra Crone (SPD) to our colleague Jannik Hesener: He will participate in the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP) beginning in August and she looks after him during the program. Shortly, Jannik Hesener will finish...Mai multe informaţii

Passed without an variances

At our German plants the audits for OHSAS 18001 (work safety) and ISO 50001 (energy management) took place from 2nd to 5th May 2017. All three plants have passed the certification without any variances successfully. The current environment...

Premium quality + excellent service = JLRQ Award

With this formula, our plant in Suzhou received the JLRQ (Jaguar Land Rover Quality) Award on May 16th, 2017.Mai multe informaţii

Now it’s getting practical – 2. social project has started

For the second time, apprentices of the location Iserlohn participate in a social project in cooperation with the school Felsenmeeschule in Hemer. Thereby, they would like to deal with the vision, values, and behaviors of KIRCHHOFF Automotive and...Mai multe informaţii


On 21 April, Dr. Jochen F. Kirchhoff celebrated his 90. birthdayMai multe informaţii

Committed to better life –

That’s the motto of this year’s Auto Shanghai in China. For the 5th time KIRCHHOFF Automotive participates and presents its product innovations and innovative technologies for the next generation of automotive light weight construction.Mai multe informaţii

A good example for integration

How the integration of refugees can be successful for all involved parties shows the example of Majid Dehsangi. He is employed in our purchasing department in Attendorn and sees good chances to start an apprenticeship this summer. Mai multe informaţii

Explore our company magazine "K>MOBIL" in digital format

With the new K>MOBIL app, it’s now possible to see the K>MOBIL content online. The app is available to download from the App Store or from Google Play. To download, search ‘kmobil’ on either app store platform. Mai multe informaţii

Commitment for a strong economy

Since 2013, Tomás Moreira has been President of the AFIA (Association of Automotive Suppliers) in Portugal. This promotes the growth and the competitiveness of the Portuguese automotive industry with respect to costs, Industry 4.0 etc.Mai multe informaţii

Globally connected – working and traveling

After his apprenticeship, Leonard Scholz from Iserlohn serves internships in several KIRCHHOFF Automotive plants.Mai multe informaţii

A first in North America

On February,8 th in Dearborn, MI, USA the first KIRCHHOFF Automotive Technology Fair in North America took place at the Ford Product Development Center. The Sales, Communications Marketing and Engineering teams put together an outstanding fair,...Mai multe informaţii

From 1999 until 2016 with 150 million strokes

The very first machine that the plant in Mielec, Poland was equipped with, was the P-1 press by Arisa. It was with this machine that the plant in Mielec started its production on April 29, 1999 and it stamped parts for Fords.Mai multe informaţii

United under one name

So far, KIRCHHOFF Mobility as the fourth business area of the KIRCHHOFF Group was comprised of REHA Group Automotive, Fa. Jelschen and the Austrian company Pruckner. With effect from 1st January 2017now all companies will run under the name...Mai multe informaţii

The next big step

With 35 years Arndt G. Kirchhoff took over the management of the family company. Today he is 61 and prepares the transfer of the company himself. Thereby, he relies on his father‘s education—and scientific advice.Mai multe informaţii

Continued stable growth in 2016, despite turbulence

Although political and economic turbulence this year has had some impact on sales, the KIRCHHOFF Group has survived these uncertain global times with continued stable growth.Mai multe informaţii

We are KIRCHHOFF Automotive worldwide

An agreement has been reached for KIRCHHOFF Automotive to take over all shares of KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob. Peter van Schaik, founder of Van-Rob, has decided to retire from the company.Mai multe informaţii

The Q1 flag waves in Chongqing

Ford awards our plant for good qualityMai multe informaţii

Promoting the lightweight design with aluminum products

The usage of aluminum alloys, e.g. for modular crossmembers, bumpers and oil pans, was highlighted during the exhibition of light weight products at Chery Automobile Engineering & Technology in Wuhu/China on 11th November 2016. Our Chinese plant in...Mai multe informaţii

We’re at the biggest auto show in Hungary

End of October the biggest automotive exhibition in Hungary took place, the “Automotive Hungary”. Our colleagues from Sales, HR, Purchasing, and Manufacturing Engineering of the plant in Esztergom participated in this event.Mai multe informaţii

As an expat from Portugal to Germany

Moving abroad is a special challenge. Using Hugo Ferreira as an example, the HR Development Specialist at KIRCHHOFF Automotive discusses the challenges an expat faces in the first few weeks in their new home. Even though the company provides support...Mai multe informaţii

GM Awards for Spain and Portugal

In September our plants in Figueruelas/Spain as well as in Ovar and Cucujães/Portugal received the Supplier Quality Excellence Award. Mai multe informaţii

The „Who is Who“ of VW suppliers

these days is present at the IZB (International Supplier Fair) in Wolfsburg. Mai multe informaţii

Lightweight construction still offers a lot of potential

KIRCHHOFF Automotive shows that at the IZB in Wolfsburg at hall 7, booth 7121. The focus is on weight and crash optimized solutions using multimaterial connections. Mai multe informaţii

Visit us in Hannover!

Driven by ideas – that is the motto of the IAA Commercial Vehicles that takes place in Hannover from September 22nd - 29th.Mai multe informaţii

Shop-in-Shop model successfully implemented

Hot formed parts are growingly enquired due to their special characteristics. The existing laser cutting systems did not offer any additional capacities for the higher demand within various launches. That is why one had to answer this question in...Mai multe informaţii

We bear responsibility for Europe’s youth

From August 7th to 13th, the International Summer Forum of the European Youth Parliament takes place in Menden – and we are part of it. Mai multe informaţii

KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob Lansing is officially open!

June 22nd, 2016 marked the official opening of the KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob plant in Lansing, Michigan USA. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrated the fully operational plant, a partnership between countries and the employees without whom none of this would...Mai multe informaţii

Impassioned appeal for TTIP agreement

At the traditional dinner of the Iserlohner Bürger Schützen Verein e.V (Iserlohn residents' shooting club – IBSV) official speaker Arndt G. Kirchhoff was clear on why Europe now needs the treaty even more as the threat of Brexit looms.Mai multe informaţii

Our best suppliers for Europe

“Welcome to our Supplier of the Year Ceremony 2015 in Ovar!“, welcomed Klaus Lawory, Director Corporate Purchasing, the international guests in Portugal last Wednesday and led through the framework program.Mai multe informaţii

Gliwice: From simple welding to state-of-the-art press hardening

“Today, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a car in which no part of KIRCHHOFF Automotive is installed“— with this sentence Managing Director Rafał Lechowski highlighted the wide product range at KIRCHHOFF Automotive at the gala for the 10th...Mai multe informaţii

Opinia dumneavoastră contează!

Kérjük, fordítson egy kis időt a kérdések megválaszolására. Köszönetünk jeleként a kérdőívet kitöltők értékes nyereményekben részesülhetnek havonta tartott sorsolásainkon. Mai multe informaţii

“Putin is not belligerent“

The entrepreneur from Attendorn Arndt Günter Kirchhoff on an interview regarding a new glimpse of hope in the relationship with Russia.Mai multe informaţii

10 years are a reason to celebrate

With glorious sunshine and warm summer temperatures KIRCHHOFF Automotive celebrated its 10th anniversary in China on Friday. Our Managing Partners Arndt and Wolfgang Kirchhoff, the Chief Operating Officers Dr. Thorsten Gaitzsch and Stefan Leitzgen...Mai multe informaţii

Our footprints in the Middle Kingdom

This year KIRCHHOFF Automotive celebrates the 10th anniversary of the plant Suzhou in China. This anniversary testifies to positive and dynamic development in China over the last 10 years – but our company has left its footprints in China way before...Mai multe informaţii

From cruel twist of fate to elite sport

Track athlete Abassia Rahmani as part of the KIRCHHOFF Mobility trade fair team.Mai multe informaţii

Awarded for ‘excellence’

In February, Volvo Group’s truck cooperation recognized 11 of their best suppliers and among them, KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Iserlohn location. Mai multe informaţii

Now the car year 2016 can start

The Geneva Motor Show is famous for its presentations of concept cars and vehicle studies. Here the automobile manufacturers present their imagination of mobility in future.Mai multe informaţii

Fair burden sharing?

Arndt Kirchhoff: “No country in Europe will solve the refugee crisis in Europe on its own.” Mai multe informaţii

Fair burden sharing

Arndt Kirchhoff: “No country in Europe will solve the refugee crisis in Europe on its own.” In an interview with the German financial magazine Handelsblatt, Arndt Kirchhoff, CEO and shareholder of KIRCHHOFF Automotive, pleads for a fair burden...Mai multe informaţii

‘It All Starts Here’ at the NAIAS in Detroit

Between January 9th to the 25th, Detroit, Michigan welcomes the North American International Auto Show. With more than 25 OEMs exposing their newest models for the first time this year to the North American public, the show attracts several hundred...Mai multe informaţii

Showcasing product to China’s biggest vehicle manufacturer

Supplying China’s biggest vehicle manufacturer––that would be a great success, and our company is on it’s way to achieving this.Mai multe informaţii

We grow continuously

The managers of the KIRCHHOFF Group look back at a positive financial year during the company’s annual press conference. Mai multe informaţii

We are the toolshop of the year

The KIRCHHOFF Automotive tool shop can now officially call itself – Tool shop of The Year 2015! On 11th of November the anticipated awards ceremony took place at the Coronation Room in Aachen's City Hall. The Attendorn team was awarded for...Mai multe informaţii

Visit to China with Chancellor

Arndt Kirchhoff accompanies Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel on her China trip.Mai multe informaţii

“Cars will be cheaper with TTIP”

Iserlohn. Businessman Wolfgang Kirchhoff assumes prices will also be lower for other products after unifying the standards.Mai multe informaţii

VW crisis: Should suppliers be worried?

If a supplier is dependent on diesel components, it would harm them, not us”, says Arndt Kirchhoff.Mai multe informaţii

Arndt G. Kirchhoff to the withdrawal of head of VW Winterkorn

Arndt G. Kirchhoff talks about the consequences of the VW affair for the automotive industry and the future of the Diesel engine in an interview published in the daily paper ‘Rheinische Post’ on 24th of September.Mai multe informaţii

IAA 2015: Visit us!

This year KIRCHHOFF Automotive focuses on lightweight design on our booth B08 in hall 5.1. During the press and the trade visitor days we welcomed high-ranking representatives of politics, business and the media.Mai multe informaţii

Network research is not child's play

Gesticulating wildly, Arndt Kirchhoff defends steel as a material in the automotive industry. In this interview, the business leader also discusses the major trends in the automotive sector.Mai multe informaţii

PSA Award for Mielec plant

Our plant in Mielec/Poland received the “Best Plant Award 2015” from our customer PSA Peugeot Citroën.Mai multe informaţii

Errorless delivery

PACCAR/DAF awards KIRCHHOFF Automotive for excellent quality. In 2014 we have realized a PPM rate of 0.Mai multe informaţii

We are InCharge!

KIRCHHOFF Automotive supports the initiative “InCharge” to fight youth unemployment in Europe.Mai multe informaţii

"It isn't the case that everything always has to be perfect"

Entrepreneurial couple Mr and Mrs Kirchhoff from Attendorn make a case for less bureaucratic aid for refugees Mai multe informaţii

TTIP determines the future of trade

Critics complain that only large corporations will benefit from the TTIP. However, SME businessman Arndt G. Kirchhoff also sees opportunities for smaller companies and warns against allowing the agreement to fail due to minor points. Mai multe informaţii

230 years of Knowledge.Values. Change.

Dr.-Ing Jochen F. Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Advisory Board and of the Shareholder Circle KIRCHHOFF Group, interviewed by Andreas Heine, Head of Corporate Communication & Marketing, about the successful management of a familyowned company that has...Mai multe informaţii

No more technology is possible

We were represented for the first time at the Automotive Engineering Expo in Nuremberg, the trade fair for automotive engineers, at the joint booth of the Automotive Center Südwestfalen on 9 and 10 June. Mai multe informaţii

Has TTIP hit the buffers?

Negotiations on the transatlantic free trade agreement have stalled, while even in the US doubts are growing as to the benefits of TTIP. Businesses and the European Commission are uneasy. Mai multe informaţii

New trucks in new corporate design

To reinforce public awareness of the name change to KIRCHHOFF Automotive Portugal S.A. at the beginning of 2015 and to increase the consciousness of our presence in Portugal to potential new customers, since May 25th four new trucks with a new...Mai multe informaţii

Poland: Awards for the Suppliers of the Year

On April 30th the Suppliers of the Year 2014 were awarded in our plant in Mielec. The award recipients are ZAKŁAD METALOWY S.C. ANNA i STEFAN BABIŃSCY (services) und THYSSENKRUPP STAL SERWIS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. (supplier for raw materials).

Suppliers of the Year awarded in Hungary

On April 15th, the Supplier of the Year 2014 celebration took place in our Hungarian plant. Mai multe informaţii

Innovation for Upgrading

KIRCHHOFF Automotive is present on Auto Shanghai in China for the fourth timeMai multe informaţii

Suppliers of the Year awarded

Start of award celebrations in IserlohnMai multe informaţii

„The best or nothing“ Daimler Supplier Award 2014

On 26. February 2015 KIRCHHOFF Automotive received the “Daimler Supplier Award 2014”. Mai multe informaţii

"...without us you couldn't produce any cars..."

There's always a certain amount of tension in a CUSTOMER-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP, says Arndt Kirchhoff, spokesman for suppliers in the VDA. So he went out and visited the buyers. A bit of a show of strength for the manufacturers?Mai multe informaţii

Power, much PS and a fancy design

After the press days on Tuesday and Wednesday, today the public days begin at the Geneva Motor Show. Mai multe informaţii

A modular system with potential

KIRCHHOFF Automotive has developed a modular system that is used in our locations worldwide and allows a globally standardized and modularly designed production. On 18th December 2014 KIRCHHOFF Automotive as one of five companies received an award...Mai multe informaţii

Trends in the automotive industry

"Trends in the automotive industry - and the consequences for the local suppliers“, that was the topic of an event with about 100 visitors the SIHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce, South Westphalia) and KIRCHHOFF Automotive had invited to.Mai multe informaţii