Construction Completed

Decided in December 2017, installed during 2018, trial phase starting in February 2019 - the 12,500 kN servo transfer press in our Aurora facility has produced its first part!

The first part produced on the new press is a cover skid plate for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Diesel version. Before this could happen, the team experienced an exciting and challenging construction phase. For most team members this was the first project of its kind in a long time to happen at KIRCHHOFF Automotive Aurora. The result stands for itself: the finished foundation for the press, new underground scrap conveyors for steel and aluminum as well as all required services finished in time and at expected quality. The plant is especially grateful for the KANA Corporate Team but also the KAEA colleagues that supported the project throughout construction and trial phase with their lessons learned from previous projects.

During the installation phase of the press, the plant team started a very challenging and detailed training session for all staff members and skilled workers. The collaboration between ME, HR and shop floor worked extremely well. The excellent support of the colleagues from Mielec enabled the team from Aurora to start the trial phase with already well trained personnel.

The team is currently continuing the trial runs and prepared to start the serial production at the original planned date. The testing phase started on February 5th with the key handover, final acceptance is currently scheduled for March. The team continues to watch the trial phase carefully, but has already the next challenge in front of them: the installation of a new 4,000 kN Servo automatic press.

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