Promoting the lightweight design with aluminum products

The usage of aluminum alloys, e.g. for modular crossmembers, bumpers and oil pans, was highlighted during the exhibition of light weight products at Chery Automobile Engineering & Technology in Wuhu/China on 11th November 2016. Our Chinese plant in Suzhou has organized this exhibition which also contributed some findings concerning lightweight technologies to a technology seminar there. The China Automotive Lightweight Alliance (CALA) invited to this event.

Besides KIRCHHOFF Automotive also other suppliers like Lingyun Industry, Wuhu Hetian, Evonik Technology and other attended. Not only aluminum alloys were discussed but also topics like hot forming, rolling and injection moulding were part of the exhibition. This was the first time that we have shown the punched, riveted car body parts for the aluminum car body of the Jaguar.

During the technology seminar the General Secretary of CALA, Zhang Ning, promoted the lightweight design in China. Our colleagues explained the lightweight technologies, which we use in our Company, to the present leaders and engineers of the Chery Engineering and Technology Center. The engineers form Chery hope to be able to install more aluminum parts into vehicles and thus, reduce the vehicle weight. Thereby, the costs for lightweight products are an especially critical factor for China. Our Company however, can contribute to optimize the biggest cost-generating factors and to realize the feasibility of the products due to the early integration into the design phase of the products and our experience in the development of aluminum products.

“We are very proud of our appearance here. It really was a success”, tells Veronica Gao, Marketing Specialist. Yang Jie, Vice General Secretary of CALA, agreed: “The aluminum application KIRCHHOFF Automotive uses is very impressive. We hope more products with your cutting-edge technology can be integrated into our domestic brand vehicles.”


The China Automotive Lightweight Alliance (CALA) was founded and is also led by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE China). The members and partners are big automotive OEMs, engineering universities in the area of automotive and suppliers of automotive parts and raw material. KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a partner of this alliance since 2011.

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