Shop-in-Shop model successfully implemented

Hot formed parts are growingly enquired due to their special characteristics. The existing laser cutting systems did not offer any additional capacities for the higher demand within various launches. That is why one had to answer this question in the beginning of the project: “Do we extend our systems or do we buy services?”

Basically, the location in Iserlohn, Germany possesses this technology. However, laser cutting does not belong to the core technologies of the company. Against this background, conversations with the company Hujer started, which is specialized in this technology, to discuss a potential cooperation. The demanding technical level regarding the production of the components and the expected high transportation volume required a solution that combined the high technical competence of the company Hujer as well as an optimal logistics chain.

A so called Shop-in-Shop model seemed to be the right way. In this model the service providers produce with their own employees, on their own machines in the halls of the customer. This physical proximity offers short communication and information paths, a visible reduction of the transportation efforts and a remarkable reduction of cycle times of the products as well as the associated reduction of the work in process.

In summer 2014 the contracts were signed and in the beginning of 2015 the laser cutting specialist Hujer moved into the newly built 2,600 m² production hall with the first laser cutting system. By now six highly modern laser cutting systems are in use that laser cut the parts, which are hot formed right next to them.

An innovative customer-supplier-concept which only offers advantages for the customer and the supplier.

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