KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob Lansing is officially open!

June 22nd, 2016 marked the official opening of the KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob plant in Lansing, Michigan USA. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrated the fully operational plant, a partnership between countries and the employees without whom none of this would be possible.

From afar you could see the balloons and the tent in which the event took place. It was a warm, sunny, summer day - perfect for the BBQ that would follow the celebration. The official opening of KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob Lansing was celebrated after it opened its doors in Watertown Township in December 2014. This official opening marked the introduction of the 14th KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob location in North America, now fully operational producing parts for the Camaro Coupe / Convertible and shortly in the future for the Traverse.


“I am pleased that our company has put its second plant in Michigan and that we can also be a part of bringing more jobs to the area.  And, also to be a part of the revival of this area’s Auto Industry,” said Tony Parente, President and Chief Operating Officer of KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob.  “We look forward to being a good civic leader, and a long standing part of the community enabled by partnering with General Motors and the rest of our customers.”


Since late 2014, KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob has occupied an existing 11,600 square meters facility on Felton Road in Watertown Township and created over 160 local jobs with additional expansion plans.


Present at the Ceremony were the shareholders Arndt, Wolfgang and Johannes Kirchhoff, Peter van Schaik, President and COO Tony Parente and our Senior Leadership Team. Our partners and guest speakers included Cristina Learman Purchasing Director at General Motors, Virg Bernero, Mayor of the City of Lansing, Bob Tresize President and CEO of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership and Bob Showers Chairman of the Clinton County Board of Commissioners.


"This was trully a great event" shared Cristina Learman, "On behalf of GM we are excited to continue strenghtening our partnership with KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob a long term supplier, and look forward to working together to overcome obstacles and celebrate victories".


Partnerships were defintely a theme at the Opening Ceremony. Shareholder Arndt Kirchhoff spoke on the benefits of partnering with different countries, economic areas and OEMS, "The world and the automotive industry have never seen greater need to partner-up, and we as a global acting company look forward to continuing to foster these partnerships in North America, Europe and China". Also being celebrated was the partnership between KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob and its employees. " This BBQ, in a small but significant way was a thank you to our employees at the Lansing facility who have been working extremely hard, and who at times feel lonely and tired; we trully have a great team. This celebration brought together the employees, Senior Leadership and Shareholders showing support to each other, to the customer and to the local economy" shared Long Nguyen, Director of Operations.

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