Errorless delivery

PACCAR/DAF awards KIRCHHOFF Automotive for excellent quality. In 2014 we have realized a PPM rate of 0.

„We are pleased to inform you that KIRCHHOFF Gruppe has met PACCAR’S expectation that supplier parts and components achieve 50 PPM or better quality.” W. D. Jackson, Vice President Purchasing and H. N. Mawyer, Vice President Quality PACCAR Inc. certify this quality award.

In 2014 our company has constantly shown that we not only meet but even exceed our customer’s quality requirements of 50 PPM: Our PPM rate was 0!

For the customer PACCAR, to which also DAF Trucks belongs, we produce rear axle housing covers and cross members for the models XF/CF/LF. The supplier relation between our company and PACCAR/DAF exists for more than 30 years.

“We appreciate the quality products and services you provide to PACCAR. We look forward to our ongoing relationship as we continue to deliver the highest quality products to our customers”, say W. D. Jackson and H. N. Mawyer.

Jos Smetsers, Executive Director of PACCAR Purchasing Europe, announced that in 2015 the Company will increase the required quality from 50 PPM to 10 PPM – with our performance of 0 PPM in 2014 we would also have reached this target.

Info: PPM = parts per million describes the error rate or failure rate. The smaller the quantity of defective parts, related to one million produced parts, the smaller the PPM figure.
A PPM value of 50 means that at the maximum 50 of one million parts may be defective.


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