We are InCharge!

KIRCHHOFF Automotive supports the initiative “InCharge” to fight youth unemployment in Europe.

In the last few years, youth unemployment rates reached new highs in some countries in the European Union; this will have lasting negative effects on society as well as the economic area as a whole. Therefore, KIRCHHOFF Automotive together with numerous other companies joined the InCharge initiative. This initiative which comes from Opel has the goal to support young, talented people all over Europe and to give guidance for their future.

Wolfgang Kirchhoff emphasizes that ”youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems with respect to a common future within the European Union. To fight youth unemployment is not only a social-political challenge, but should support the young people and give them a future perspective”.

The initiative was kicked-off in Spain end of June with a so-called “Coaching Day”. Our HR Manager Antonio Rosas from Portugal as well as Miguel Tena, Managing Director of Spain, were present that day to represent our company.

As a next step our HR project team Antonio Rosas and Lisa Kitterer will work closely with the participating companies to continue the initiative in Portugal.

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