“Every five minutes a new painting“

Colorful bustle, brushstrokes, dabs of paint, atmospheric music – the painting event held by KIRCHHOFF Culture Life was a great success. You can now see what our artists created in the span of two hours within a two minute video.

Proudly, the new artists step back and let the colors, strokes and patterns work their magic. What is in front of them are paintings on 2.5 x 1.8 m canvases. Over the course of two hours, roughly thirty participants created a picture together while experiencing a roller coaster of colors, impressions and feelings. “A unique experience which I will always remember. It was surprising to see how everyone of us contributed to this team work – and how much fun it was”, raves Sabine Boehle, Manager of Communications & Marketing. In the Attendorn showroom, as well as in Iserlohns’ production halls, our artists essentially created a whole new painting every five minutes: “You only turn around to get some more paint and just like that, the canvas looked totally different,” laughs Kerstin Rinscheid, Assistant to Arndt G. Kirchhoff.

The two painting events in Attendorn and Iserlohn were intended to create an enjoyable evening for colleagues and their family members, and Cultural Director Thomas Kirchhoff believes more than that was achieved: “With KIRCHHOFF Culture Life, we have launched a new cultural initiative which contributes to the well-being of the KIRCHHOFF Automotive staff and their family members. Painting together has brought everybody closer.”

The KIRCHHOFF Culture Life events, however, are definitely not only planned for Germany. In the Summer and Fall, the first cultural afternoons will take place in Esztergom, Hungary and Gliwice, Poland. Next year KIRCHHOFF Culture Life will also launch in Ovar and Cucujães, Portugal as well as Mielec, Poland. We won’t stop there: Plans to offer the cultural program at all locations worldwide are in the works. Stay tuned!

Have a look at the video of the events here.

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