Language is the key

In September, a new project began at our location in Attendorn. It is meant to assist refugees in Germany to integrate into society: literacy classes for women who have fled, coupled with simultaneous childcare.

The two-hour literacy classes for the women take place twice a week. “Learning the language is the key to integration. The city and the community already offer many language classes. However, the problem is that women who have small children cannot participate in these offers”, says Human Resources Manager Daniel Kramer. That’s why two childcare workers care for up to ten children between the ages of seven months and six years, while their mothers learn German.

“The women are highly motivated. The lessons are always lively. So far, the project has been a complete success”, says Heidi Kerstein from SprachenCenter Rahe who teaches the women.

In the meantime, Jessica Becker and Linda Huwald care for the children. “We build cars and draw with them”, Jessica Becker explains. With mimics and gestures, communication works well. “The children notice that everything here is okay and that someone cares for them”, Jessica Becker says.

The project is expected to run until the end of February 2018. “I think it’s great if companies get so involved in these people’s concerns. Successful integration only works if you can speak the language. So you can really become a member of society”, says Heidi Kerstein. “The future holds everything else. I hope we can complete this project successfully.”

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