Angela Merkel visits our booth at the IAA

“How much percent of your turnover does this make up?“ During her visit at the KIRCHHOFF Automotive IAA booth Chancellor Angela Merkel was very interested in the battery housing the medium-sized automotive supplier from South Westphalia presented as one of their innovative projects.

The IAA is considered the leading trade fair for mobility and takes place from September 14th to the 24th in Frankfurt Main/Germany. Innovative lightweight solutions for vehicle structures are one of the core themes of this year’s IAA trade fair appearance for KIRCHHOFF Automotive.

With the introduction of its latest project the company meets the current trend: The development of a battery housing in lightweight design (combination of steel and aluminum) for electric vehicles. The main features and advantages of this battery housing are the optimized crash behavior, underbody protection, a cost effective design, corrosion protection and an integrated cooling system. “Special challenges are the crash security, tightness and the cooling of this module carrier”, explains J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff (CEO KIRCHHOFF Automotive). The innovative lightweight design ensures a safe housing of high voltage battery modules in electric vehicles. The housing design is scalable and can be applied in various vehicle models.

 “We, as a supplier, are ready to contribute to E-mobility”, says Arndt G. Kirchhoff (CEO KIRCHHOFF Automotive Holding) to the Chancellor when he presented the exhibit.

The topic of lightweight design is also decisive for the other exhibits of KIRCHOFF Automotive. Here aluminum products light cross car beams and body-in-white components as well as innovative Crash Management Systems are highlighted.

Using the example of a floor panel, the company presents a lightweight concept that efficiently applies material combinations for lightweight vehicle bodies. In an integral manufacturing process, several MF semi-finished products and thermoplastic molding compounds are processed in combination with one another.

Composite aluminum constructions are made with a combination of cast, profile, and sheet applied to the build of sub-frame structures in automotive engineering. In this context, KIRCHHOFF Automotive presents a weight optimized front axle carrier in an aluminum shell design that represents an economic lightweight solution for the series production of assembly components. Reduced weight, as well as the application of production processes that are suitable for large-scale production like deep drawing and inert-gas welding, are advantages of this product.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive can rely on the on its lengthy experience in the development of structures for electric vehicles. Already in 2009, the company participated in a benchmark project for urban mobility. In this trendsetting cooperation project the automotive supplier developed together with the Technical University Aachen the electric vehicle StreetScooter as an example for affordable E-mobility. Back then, KIRCHHOFF Automotive developed the lightweight structure for the vehicle, which is scalable in size. Today the German Post uses the StreetScooter in many cities as an environmentally friendly delivery vehicle.

Already during the first days of the fair the automotive supplier introduced its new developments to further important political representatives and a range of customers. Among them are Axel Müller, Manager of Group Procurement Volkswagen; Dr. Klaus Zehender, Member of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Divisional Board; Andreas Müllender, Executive Director of Strategic Material Performance Opel Group; the Governor of the US state of Michigan, Rick Snyder and Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economy and Energy.

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