• Ensuring that our corporate management is focused on quality and the environment is of great importance to us. This concerns decisions relating to corporate policy, and areas such as planning, transport, storage, waste disposal, production, use of energy and raw materials, the execution of construction projects, and the development of new products and processes.
  • We inform our customers about environmentally friendly manufacturing and use of our products, and give advice on recycling our products in the future.
  • We advise the general public and government agencies about any activities, impacts, and improvements that may concern the environment.
  • We adhere to all relevant environmental regulations and take measures to avoid harming the environment. In cases in which this is not possible, we minimise our polluting emissions, waste and waste water production, and any other harmful effects on the environment by utilising environmentally friendly technologies.
  • We actively strive to promote the same conduct—naturally focused on quality and the environment—among our suppliers, partners, and customers. We make arrangements to ensure that the contractual partners who work on our premises adopt the same quality and environmental norms as us.
  • In order to promote a sense of responsibility for quality and the environment at all levels of the Company, we hold training sessions and seminars and regard quality management and environmental protection as integral elements of our in-company training.