From 1999 until 2016 with 150 million strokes

The very first machine that the plant in Mielec, Poland was equipped with, was the P-1 press by Arisa. It was with this machine that the plant in Mielec started its production on April 29, 1999 and it stamped parts for Fords.

With the P-1 press as a starting point, our colleagues in Mielec started to form a well-organized Stamping Department equipped with the newest technology. So nowadays, Mielec can call automatic, transfer and cutting blank presses their own. In 2008, the plant developments in Mielec required some changes. The P-1 press had to move with the other automatic presses to the new production hall just across the road from the old facility where today, all of the eleven automatic and transfer presses are located.

Over the last 18 years the P-1 has performed a record number of strokes—150 Million. “How is that possible?”, one may ask. For sure the simple design of the press and the small amount of electronics ensures it a long life. However, it was very important to check the press regularly with focus on preventive maintenance and continuous improvement.

Nevertheless, even a properly maintained press has to be replaced at some point. The P-1 for instance already underwent several renovations but with some major mistakes in stamped parts and natural mechanical wear the disassembly of the press started on December 16th 2016, immediately after the Christmas Celebrations. One day later the press was transported to its new owner, the company Postep in Gliwice.


P-1, ARISA Automatic Press

Pressure force: 400 t
Date of production: 1999 - 2016
Max. material thickness: 5 mm
Table dimension: 2600 x 1400 mm
Max. tool height: 577 mm


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