We are KIRCHHOFF Automotive worldwide

An agreement has been reached for KIRCHHOFF Automotive to take over all shares of KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob. Peter van Schaik, founder of Van-Rob, has decided to retire from the company.

With the current takeover of the remaining shares by KIRCHHOFF Automotive, an era comes to an end. More than 50 years ago Peter van Schaik had emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada. As an ambitious toolmaker, Peter built a tooling company which grew to be a multinational automotive parts supplier. KIRCHHOFF Automotive and Van-Rob Inc. started a strategic partnership in the late 1990s which evolved in 1999, into a joint venture in Querétaro, Mexico. In 2011, when Peter van Schaik decided to sell the majority shares of Van-Rob Inc., KIRCHHOFF Automotive was a perfect partner since continuing as a family owned enterprise was very important to him. Although the time is right for Peter, saying goodbye to the company he founded, more than 40 years ago, is of course not easy for him. “I am grateful to all the Van-Rob people who have shared in my journey from a small die shop in 1976 to this wonderful, multi-national, world-renown company that is famous for quality and expertise. I will miss all of you, but leave happy in the knowledge that Van-Rob is now part of a global company run by great people with a strong commitment to your future. I wish all of you well, and will be watching your success.”

The managing partners of KIRCHHOFF Automotive Arndt G. and J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff look forward to the future and gratefully look back on their partnership with Peter van Schaik. “It is more than a longstanding cooperation that associates us with Peter van Schaik, and we would like to sincerely thank him for that. We are glad to be able to continue his work as founder and we are sure that a successful future lies ahead for Van-Rob Inc. as part of the global company KIRCHHOFF Automotive. By the close cooperation over the past years, the employees of both companies have already grown together as one team. The takeover of the remaining shares will further accelerate the introduction of global uniform structures, processes, and standards. The merging into one globally acting company will mean less interface and more reliability for all employees. It is easier to detect where and why a plant works more successfully and learn from that success at a quicker rate. Our plants in North America will profit from that, as well as the ones in Europe and Asia.

This is an important step in the development of our company and it now also becomes apparent in the unification of the name. Now all over the world we are KIRCHHOFF Automotive! And WE.MOVE.FUTURE.”

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