The Q1 flag waves in Chongqing

Ford awards our plant for good quality

“The decoration with the Q1 flag is a recognition for your good quality and your good service. Take it as an incentive to strive for being a leading partner with cutting-edge technology on a global scale. And continue to offer us such good products”, says Ray Chen, Ford STA Vice Director, when he presented the award to Dongfeng Li, Plant Manager Chongqing and Simon Stephan, Managing Director China.

Q1 is a well-known award from Ford which is recognized worldwide by the automotive industry. It has become a sign for trust and for good quality. For our plant in Chongqing this award marks the beginning of an ongoing continuous improvement.

Info: Q1

Ford presents the Q1 award to customers who fulfill the requirements with regard to these criteria:


  • Qualified system
  • Continuous actual performance
  • Action plan onsite
  • Satisfied customers
  • Continuous improvement

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