We bear responsibility for Europe’s youth

From August 7th to 13th, the International Summer Forum of the European Youth Parliament takes place in Menden – and we are part of it.

The European Youth Parliament in Germany e. V. organizes this forum. 150 young people from all over Europe will come together to discuss about the topic “responsibility for Europe’s youth”. The goal of the event is to actively face up to this topic and to approach it from different perspectives. We hope to realize this with different activities like e. g. an improvisational theater on the „empowerment day“ where the young delegates can discover their qualities. Furthermore, they get an insight into the world of social entrepreneurship and inform about the European Convention of Human Rights.

From KIRCHHOFF Automotive, COO J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, Tim Klieve (Specialist HR Development/HR Marketing) and our apprentices Chiara Floridia and Felicia Lange take part. The two future industrial clerks participate in the podium discussion on August 9th on the Wilhelmshöhe Menden. Together with other young people they discuss about “dual training systems in Europe”, “digital change”, “multilingualism” and others. On August 11th, COO J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff will introduce our company in a presentation, Tim Klieve is present at the network meeting that day.

You can find further information about the European Youth Parliament and the International Summer Forum in Menden following this link http://www.eyp.de/?p=8344

Info: What is the European Youth Parliament?


  • non-profit, non-party and transconfessional organization
  • organizes more than 300 simulations per year of the European Parliament for young people aged 16 to 25, currently in 39 different countries
  • offers young people an international platform to discuss European political topics
  • every year numerous events in Germany, e. g. students‘ forums, regional and national selective sessions, international forums and trainings

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