Awarded for ‘excellence’

In February, Volvo Group’s truck cooperation recognized 11 of their best suppliers and among them, KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Iserlohn location.

The Volvo Group Purchasing Supplier Award is presented to selected suppliers for performance excellence and continuous improvement. According to Volvo’s CEO Martin Lundstedt, their suppliers are involved in 70% of the development of each vehicle, as well as its series production. This explains the special significance that the Volvo Group places on the supplier base. At the awards ceremony in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, it was clear how outstanding and competitive suppliers are in maintaining the Volvo Group’s position at the forefront of innovation and research and development.

What distinguishes a successful supplier? Head of Volvo Group Purchasing, Patrik Lundblad, describes: “They are those suppliers who are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve excellent results in the project stage and later to ensure that all parts are delivered on time to our plants all over the world. This award is for all our suppliers who are only happy when our customers are happy.”

This principle also applies at KIRCHHOFF Automotive. KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Iserlohn location was presented with the award for “Project Execution Excellence”. The jurors praised the Company for its reliability as a supplier and for the quality of its products. The Company’s excellence in pre-emptively recognizing and minimizing risks in terms of complex steel processing was particularly emphasized.

J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, Managing Partner and COO of the KIRCHHOFF Holding, and Volker Tofall, Director of Truck Sales, proudly accepted the award. “I would like to commend the employees and express my gratitude to them—their dedication and effort have contributed to this success”, said J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff after the awards presentation.

The Company first established business contacts with Volvo Trucks in 2006. Being selected for a large project in 2012 presented the whole team with new challenges. Products that had previously been manufactured directly at Volvo would from then on be produced at the Iserlohn plant. In total, ten Volvo tool sets had to be adapted to fit the presses at Iserlohn. 14 new tools and one new automated riveting process were also taken on. New standards were set by tight deadlines as short as 16 weeks from receipt of the tools to the first serial delivery, as well as a short production start-up phase. Sustainable and structured project management, along with an automated reporting system and uniform global standards, provided the basis for the successful completion of this project. As experience shows, success depends on many factors.

For the Director of Truck Sales at KIRCHHOFF Automotive, Volker Tofall, it is clear: “Globally standardized processes and a highly motivated, customer-oriented team have finally led to this great result.”

Picture 1: Award ceremony

Picture 2: Team f.l.t.r. Michael Christ, Peter Kovalczyk, Jochen Schüngel, Giuseppina Cumia, Benjamin Harfenmeister, Volker Tofall, Benjamin Henrich, Annette Grün, Ahmet Mese

Picture 3: Certificate and Award


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